Who am I?

I don't have a typical career path. I studied translation science for French, Italian and English but never actually worked as a translator. After only two years of work experience as a team assistant and customer support agent, I was promoted to be a team manager. I managed several teams of three to as many as thirty employees with wastly different cultural and educational backgrounds. Now the time has come for me to share my many years of experience and help you with your applications.

Hiring has always been a principal responsibilty in my role as a team manager. I hired a lot of people and I made a lot of mistakes and bad hires at first. I didn't know what I was looking for in a candidate. But I learned. I learned a lot thanks to working with experienced HR colleagues and recruiting trainings. I learned most however by reviewing A LOT of applications and interviewing A LOT of candidates.

Not only did I learn how to identify the right people, I discovered different styles of applications and different ways of presenting oneself. I experienced being a busy manager who has hardly any time for hiring and noticed what kind of applications stood out and caught my eye. I observed how many applicants, especially (but not only) female ones, struggle with selling themselves and their value well. It made me want to change that and share my experience with the world. 

Why am I targetting women?

I am not a man hater. I personally never felt like it was a problem to make a career as a woman. I never felt like men had better opportunities than me. I had a lot of great bosses, all of them men, who believed in me, supported me in my career development and taught me a lot.

But I noticed there are a lot of women around me who feel like that they are not being given the same opportunities as men because they are women. Whether this is the reality or just their perception, I couldn't say. In any case, I have noticed things that women could do to improve their chances and I want to share my experience to help women with the next step of their careers.

I did have several eye opening experiences however with regards to differences in salary expectations and negotiations between men and women. During my many interviews I observed that men usually ask for a much higher salary than women. I actually almost made this mistake myself at some point in my career. Luckily I asked some men for advice and then went into the negotiations with a higher sum than I would have asked for. Guess what: it worked!

Finally I am a woman myself and can probably relate better to women than to men.. That doesn't mean that my content isn't applicable for men. I've also worked successfully with a few men. It's just my heart's desire to help women develop their careers and get the jobs they want. So I tend to focus on the main areas in which many women can improve according to my experience.