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Qinqin C.

Looking for jobs that we are interested in is never easy, and it is much harder for foreigners, who do not speak excellent German, and I am one of them.


Frankly, we usually confine our searching sphere when we are aware how essential the language skill in job hunting is. I had a very narrow view before receiving Bettina's helpful advices, which broadened my horizon extensively.


We started from re-styling and enriching the contents of my resume, it is now more elaborated and friendly. 


She reminded me that the resume is the first interaction phase that we attempt to build with employers, it should address the important points in a streamlined structure, and it should underline what we have done so far in each role. She gave me some examples in this concern, which helped me a lot in structuring my resume.


Then she mentioned that I should also pay more attention to the motivation letter, it should be personalized and adaptable. Motivation letters should not be the short version of resumes, they should be seen as a platform to sell ourselves as a person, we should know who we really are, and what we are capable to achieve. Emphasizing how suitable we are for the position is very essential.


At last but not least, she brought up an important point- am I really qualified for this position? 

I believe that each of us has this doubt before sending out our applications, the question is, are we? And the answer to this question is usually yes. 

The requirements employers listed are for the ideal candidates, when we fulfill 40-60 percent of the requirements, we should give it a shot, and this is one of the reasons that I found my current job. 


Her advices are really valuable, professional and comprehensive. I highly appreciate her help. Reaching out to her to get worthy suggestions is the best step I took. She also communicated with me in regards of which field I would like to step in and which kinds of merits I have, which strengthened my confidence in my job searching.


At the end, I want to express my sincere thanks and best regards to my mentor Bettina. 

Ruth D.jpg

Ruth D.

My first impression of Bettina's work was that she did not just give some shallow advice.


First of all, she tried to gain a full understanding of my initial situation and how to support me best in improving my application papers. I have always had some troubles when it comes to drafting an impressive CV.


Thanks to Bettina's suggestions, I have managed to successfully rephrase my CV. Now it has that certain, indefinable something that makes it stand out from all the other applications and has also got me my new job.


I really recommend you to work with Bettina if you want a tailor-made service and not some run-off-the-mill tip. Thank you for breathing new life into my curriculum vitae!

Johanna P.jpeg

Johanna P.

I worked with Bettina when I changed job.


She helped me to prepare for my job interview. Before I worked with Bettina I felt a little bit unsecure, especially when it came to negotiating my salary. She helped me in particular to better understand “the other side” and to prepare good and solid arguments to defend my requirements.


I can really recommend you to work with Bettina as her assistance was full of practical, hands-on tips. Thanks to her longtime experience as team leader, she knows what she is talking about.


The service Bettina offers is adapted to your specific situation. I liked her direct and straightforward approach. This simply guarantees that you get the most out of it.