How to create the cv that will land you the job


Well, that’s really not that difficult. It all comes down to a little bit of preparation and a professional format. You’re all amazing women - you just need to find the best way to present yourself and your career.

Let the design speak for you


The most important thing when applying for a job is being authentic. So when you start to think about how to create the cv, you should invest a little time and money to find a resume design which reflects your style and who you are. There are so many good options out there, so just take the time to browse and find the one which screams: This is me!

Preparation is key

Once you’ve found your favorite template, you need to put in a bit of work to provide the most relevant information. It all starts with taking the time to properly read and analyze the job description.


Why is this important? I don’t think I need to tell you that there usually are a few other people out there who want the same job.

Keep in mind that you’re competing with other applicants and you don’t know how many there are. The employer might get a lot of cvs and only skip through them at first to find the people who really put some effort into creating the cv. Believe it or not, they’ll notice if you put in some extra time to polish your cv.


Now, if you really immerse yourself in the job description, you’ll be able to identify which of your work experiences are most relevant. Make sure to list your most relevant work experience first.


The right level of detail

The next step in how to create the cv is to describe your work experience with a healthy level of detail. You don’t want to overload the employer with information, but you also don’t want to be too scarce with it. Recruiters in particular usually are not subject matter experts and will need more detail to identify if you are a suitable candidate.


You need to add your education of course, but it’ll depend somewhat on how much detail you want to add. If you have little work experience, it’ll make sense to add more details to your cv to give it more substance. You might for example mention the title of your thesis or relevant project if they fit well for this position. If you already have several years of work experience, your education isn’t that important anymore. Your highest level of education will be sufficient.


Special achievements or voluntary work absolutely need to be mentioned on your cv. Many women feel like this is bragging, but honestly, you’re just showing that you’re proud of what you do.


When thinking about how to create the cv, remember to mention special skills, e.g. language skills, computer skills, soft skills…


Finally there is the question of your hobbies. Do you need them or not? Most recruiters consider them nice-to-have but not mandatory. Hobbies allow them to get a first impression of the person behind the cv. Always remember that they are not only looking for a professional, they are also looking for the right person to fit the team. So if you list hobbies, please don’t make anything up because you think it’ll make a good impression. Be authentic, be yourself and proudly present what you’re interested in. And for the love of God don't say "my work is my hobby"!


I hope you feel more confident now in how to create the cv. If you still have doubts on how to get started, check out my free checklist for preparing your perfect job application.