Qinqin C.

Looking for jobs that we are interested in is never easy, and it is much harder for foreigners, who do not speak excellent German, and I am one of them.


Frankly, we usually confine our searching sphere when we are aware how essential the language skill in job hunting is. I had a very narrow view before receiving Bettina's helpful advices, which broadened my horizon extensively.


We started from re-styling and enriching the contents of my resume, it is now more elaborated and friendly. 


She reminded me that the resume is the first interaction phase that we attempt to build with employers, it should address the important points in a streamlined structure, and it should underline what we have done so far in each role. She gave me some examples in this concern, which helped me a lot in structuring my resume.


Then she mentioned that I should also pay more attention to the motivation letter, it should be personalized and adaptable. Motivation letters should not be the short version of resumes, they should be seen as a platform to sell ourselves as a person, we should know who we really are, and what we are capable to achieve. Emphasizing how suitable we are for the position is very essential.


At last but not least, she brought up an important point- am I really qualified for this position? 

I believe that each of us has this doubt before sending out our applications, the question is, are we? And the answer to this question is usually yes. 

The requirements employers listed are for the ideal candidates, when we fulfill 40-60 percent of the requirements, we should give it a shot, and this is one of the reasons that I found my current job. 


Her advices are really valuable, professional and comprehensive. I highly appreciate her help. Reaching out to her to get worthy suggestions is the best step I took. She also communicated with me in regards of which field I would like to step in and which kinds of merits I have, which strengthened my confidence in my job searching.


At the end, I want to express my sincere thanks and best regards to my mentor Bettina. 

Ruth D.

My first impression of Bettina's work was that she did not just give some shallow advice. First of all, she tried to gain a full understanding of my initial situation and how to support me best in improving my application papers.


I have always had some troubles when it comes to drafting an impressive CV. Thanks to Bettina's suggestions, I have managed to successfully rephrase my CV. Now it has that certain, indefinable something that makes it stand out from all the other applications and has also got me my new job.


I really recommend you to work with Bettina if you want a tailor-made service and not some run-off-the-mill tip. Thank you for breathing new life into my curriculum vitae!


Johanna P.

I worked with Bettina when I changed job.


She helped me to prepare for my job interview. Before I worked with Bettina I felt a little bit unsecure, especially when it came to negotiating my salary. She helped me in particular to better understand “the other side” and to prepare good and solid arguments to defend my requirements.


I can really recommend you to work with Bettina as her assistance was full of practical, hands-on tips. Thanks to her longtime experience as team leader, she knows what she is talking about.


The service Bettina offers is adapted to your specific situation. I liked her direct and straightforward approach. This simply guarantees that you get the most out of it.

Annika M.

The contact with Bettina was always very agreeable and useful. She fine-tuned my applications so that they spark more interest.


Thanks to her previous experience in the area of human resources, she has a clear understanding of the processes of job applications and can give a lot of specific tips and suggestions.


Thanks a lot for everything.

Judith K.

When I was looking for a new job, I found it quite hard to present myself in a compelling way in my cover letter and curriculum vitae. What was especially difficult for me was to keep it short and simple and point out my abilities rather than using empty phrases. That is why I contacted Bettina.

What I liked about her approach was that she really took her time to get to know me and my strengths and to understand what kind of job I was looking for. For me, she was kind of a matchmaker, who helped me to formulate and present my abilities in a way that would match the positions I was applying for. Also, she made me think about my motivation for the jobs I was applying for and add that to the cover letters, which turned out to be very valuable.

Her tips for re-designing my CV were very helpful and she especially helped me with two differently styled cover letters that were well targeted at the positions I was applying for. Not only did this turn out in a better written presentation of myself. I also felt more self-confident to point out my strengths and abilities – which eventually got me my new job 😊. I would recommend everybody, who is looking for personalized consulting and help to work with Bettina!

lisa J.

Bettina helped me to rework my resume and to write a cover letter for a job application.


As so many women I had a tendency to be way too careful in how to present myself. Bettina gave me a lot of practical tips how I can present myself and my experiences in the resume in a better way and how I can present my personality in the cover letter in a more interesting way.


Thanks to her I realized how much I have to offer and not only that I can but should show this!

I recommend all women who are looking for a job or want to change job but don’t really know how to present their qualifications and experiences in the best way to work with Bettina. Thanks to her many years of experience managing employees she knows exactly what’s important and her support is pleasant and worthwhile.

Toni S.

I came to Bettina when I moved to Germany from the USA to find employment and achieve a career goal of mine to work internationally. 


The job seeking process in Germany is different than the USA and I needed help formulating a cover letter and a review of my resume (CV). 


From our first conversation, she took the time to get to know me, my career goals, and the struggles I was currently facing.  From our conversation she was able to write a cover letter within a day that conveyed my skills, personality, and my intent in a professional format. 


I appreciate her patience, swiftness in completing the cover letter, and her straightforward method to come up with a solution. 


She didn't try to oversell you a service, but she had a solution and it was your choice to decide if you wanted the solution.  I recommend her service!

Lisa Maria G.

I felt very insecure and didn’t know how to present myself in a job application. That was also reflected in the way I wrote my job applications. I found it very difficult to explain my situation and to transparently and confidently position myself as an applicant.


Thanks to the discussions with Bettina something changed and I don’t see the situation as “dramatic” anymore. Bettina’s advice also helped me a lot concerning the job selection.


I really enjoyed that Bettina took time to connect personally with me and send my documents back very conscientiously and quickly. I also gained a new positive perspective how others approach the situation. Bettina also gave me valuable tips for the application in this industry, both in writing and personally, which helped me a lot. The tips concerning my resume and the general situation of a job application helped me a lot. I was not as nervous and got a clearer view on the situation which I find very important.

Katrin S.

I was insecure about the correct phrases and how I should present myself well. I also found it difficult to make general statements about my competencies. Every recruiter has different priorities and considers other information relevant. It was very helpful to get an expert opinion to create a cover letter which will positively resonate with recruiters.


I’m still no professional at writing job application but I’m definitely more confident at handling this task. I phrase my competencies in a more positive way and understood that I should give the company the chance to get to know me through my cover letter instead of repeating my resume.


I find Bettina very likeable and I immediately trusted her. I find it very important to have a good relationship with the person with whom you work on such matters, as she needs to understand how to avoid critical questions or embarrassing topics in a potential job interview. That’s why trust and mutual understanding is very important as this makes it easier to get to know each other for a better coaching result. Bettina was always available, reliable and provided quick support. This helped me to feel more secure and build more confidence before my job interview.  


It was really helpful for me that Bettina corrected my cover letter! It’s really very helpful if someone else reads it and provides a completely different perspective. Also the tip to prepare examples for the job interview was very helpful. I referred also to university projects which I would otherwise have neglected. I have the feeling that I learned something from the job interview and that I have a better understanding which specific questions can be asked in my industry. I really liked that Bettina was available on such short notice to talk about the upcoming job interview.

Nicole M.

Bettina provided a thorough review of my resume. Not only did she provide advice on the content, she also challenged me to think in a more creative manner when it came to the presentation and style. She knew that my personality also needed to be represented in my resume, not just my career history. This is something that I had never thought too much about.


Her advice was detailed and specific, I could tell that she really took the time to understand what I was trying to communicate. Overall, I am very proud of the way my resume now looks, it is an accurate reflection of my accomplishments and Bettina helped bring it to life.

Kristina F.

When writing a cover letter we tend not personalize it if we’re applying for many positions - and I was not really sure if the cover letter was suitable at all. I found it particularly difficult to share concrete information and not just use empty phrases.


As I sent my cover letter and resume to Bettina, I intensely worked on my cover letter, and thanks to Bettina reworking it, I was sure that the cover letter was good now.


I particularly liked the personal discussion we had and that Bettina already shared questions which could come up in a job interview.

And yes, occasionally I also work with men. Hear what they say about my service

Clemens H.

With many candidates lining up for a position, applications have to be brief, remarkable and significant. Bettina helped me to find the right words and things to put into my cover letter and make my CV more appealing. 


Even though I am not part of Women’s Career Lift focus group Bettina agreed to support me with her experience and knowledge in these matters. Throughout the process I always had the feeling that her advice is comprehensible and based on actual practice of employers. 


I appreciated Bettina’s individual and down-to-earth feedback and gained a lot from it. I learned how to present myself and my strengths better in a written form and could already put it successfully into practice. I can only recommend everyone to take this opportunity and let Bettina help you to bring your application to the next level.  

Andreas H.

Writing my resume was certainly a big challenge for me. I had so many questions on my mind.


What exactly should be included in my resume?

What are my most important skills?

Does my resume look appealing and interesting?

Will it catch the employer’s eye?


Bettina could really help me with all of my questions and concerns. Her having this long and thorough experience in recruitment, she knew exactly what points I had to improve in my resume to make it a first-class representation of myself.


She singled out which sections needed rephrasing and which information should be represented more prominently to make me clearly stand out. Her professional knowledge combined with her friendly and supporting nature really gave me confidence when now handing in my resume for a job application.


I would recommend her services to anyone who feels a bit unsure about their resume or just wants to hear a professional opinion about it because ultimately it is the resume that makes the vital first impression on your employer.

Jakob T.

During the process of applying for internships after I finished my studies, a lot of questions came up on how to present myself well in the cover letter.

Bettina provided me with good ideas to meet my individual needs and requirements. Moreover, did she always professionally point out the dos and don’ts, which helped me to avoid popular mistakes in my cover letter. Bettina also kindly answered and helped with all additional questions I had on my CV.   

I would recommend Bettina because she is very good at giving your application documents a professional and clear structure. She is always considering the individual requirements of the different job offers and highlighting which of your personal strengths are supporting your application.

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